Michigan Web Designer owns several Michigan based websites.
Building your own website is easy to do. 
I am not for hire so please don't ask me to build yours.
I build only my own or a few websites for friends - so solicitors, don't call me with projects or offers.
If you have a website project you want custom built, call Patrick at 231-580-9263 - He is an exceptional designer and he accepts only cash or PayPal for his services.
It is important for any business that you to have your Website up and running.
I build my websites with Joomla and it is very easy to use - if you can use WORD, you can use JOOMLA.
There are  lot of YouTube videos that will show you how if you have the desire to learn and more links below to show you how to have a quality website.
There are many companies offering free websites but don't tell you about the up-sell offers you will need to buy to actually receive what they are offering.
Look at the Michigan Web Designer Websites page and consider the possibilities for your business.
We want you to have successive and profitability and that begins with spending as little as possible and have the control you need to move quickly on the internet.
Before you buy anything or create a website, learn the business by visiting the free WebmasterRadio podcast site and listen to as many of these downloadable podcasts as you can.
I suggest that you start with the following shows;
These shows are hosted by people who are in the business and are experts in their categories.
They lay it all out there and have fun doing it as they educate you toward the best ways to build your business and optimized traffic to your site.
Now, search for an available domain name by going to Domainsbot to see if the name you are interested in is available and then go to the suggested hosting companies below.
If you like Godaddy, we have a special price of $5.99 for a .com domain name if you click on the Godaddy ad on the top-right side of any page.
Even though I get a free domain name through BlueHost and HostMonster, I buy all my other domain names through Godaddy and that will change soon as their costs have gone through the roof.
If you purchase a hosting package through one of the BlueHost or HostMonster links at the top of this page, we will help you to have an optimized website at no charge in just two hours.
Right now, HostMonster is having a sale and offering packages for just $3.95 a month - it great hosting and a great company, give HostMonster a try today!
When you buy a hosting package the companies above, they will include your domain name in the package at no extra charge.
Since most people need help and support in working with their JOOMLA website, we suggest the video below as a tutorial.
All hosting companies use slightly different ways to install Joomla.
We suggest that you skip ahead to the 15 minute mark on the video to get started with learning how to administer your new site.
Click on the image and you will be taken to YouTube and this great little video.
Joomla Website in one hour
Cloud Access Video Tutorial
Consider that 46% of all internet sales in 2012 happened from a mobile device and that number is going to go to over 60% this year.
You can have a mobile app through the Mobi site above or you can build your site with the new JOOMLA 3.0. in 4 clicks with our suggested hosting providers and this newest version of Joomla automatically adjusts to whatever mobile device your prospects are using.
People need to find you on their mobile device when they are out-and-about looking at prospective purchases. Get a 30 day free trial for your mobile website by clicking on the mobile image at the top of this page.
If you use WordPress or other web design product you will need to purchase a Mobi package or lose a lot of business.
Or, you can use the new JOOMLA 3.0 format that offers a site that auto-adjusts to whatever device is viewing your website.
If you have a business, you need to be found on the internet and we will help you get there with a keyword based, fully optimized website.
You don't need a fancy website, just an effective one that looks great and brings clients to you.
You need a site that works similar to a WORD document that can be changed anytime you desire without waiting for a geek to make the changes for you.
No more submitting a "Work Order" request - just login, make the changes you need and be done with it.
Once the website is making you money, then you can hire the "big dollar" web designers, or maybe not - it is up to you at that point.
If you are serious and willing to "not" listen to your friends who will tell you things that are just not true, we can help you.
No Bull, just getting your idea or business online the same day you call.
Your logo, your images, and your words online in two hours.
You can call other professional web designers and pay from $1,000 to $30,000 and you might have a website up and running in 6 months.
Or you can do it our way and have a site up and running "That You Control" in two hours or less.
We will show you the quickest and most correct way to get online in both regular Web or Mobile.
We are here to help you get it right, save you money and have your website online in a couple of hours.
Our goal is to have you in control, you getting things done and we are always a phone call away to help you when you have questions!
We have many business and motivational articles at our online university called "West Michigan Entrepreneur University", visit the site and learn more about being an online entrepreneur.
Look at and purchase a hosting package from BlueHost or HostMonster for less than $5 a month and we will help you to have your website up in less than 2 hours.
Whether you are a business, an employee, or someone looking for work, you need to "Brand" yourself.
Having a good looking and find-able website is the first step toward creating a "Brand" for yourself or your business.
We use JOOMLA because it is the lowest cost way to build a website and it is easy to learn.
We have enjoyed helping several people from all over become "Michigan Web Designers".
We do receive compensation from the BlueHost and HostMonster are owned by the same companies and both products are what we use exclusively and recommend. Since these hosting companies pay us $65 when you sign up (which is more than it costs you to host your site for a year, we support your online efforts at no charge. Ask us how we get paid and we will show you how this is done so you can make money online too!
We test these hosting packages for ease of use, customer service, reliability and response to questions by using these hosting products thoroughly and offer to you only the very best.
BlueHost and HostMonster are companies offering the best customer service, up-time and prices in any industry!
We are a small independently owned LLC working out of Lowell, Michigan and the opinions expressed here based on our experience and our own testing of these hosting packages.
You can count on our support from Michigan Web Designer as we spend hours with our complimentary training in person or over the phone and we are always just a phone call away.
There is no excuse for not learning how to have a website any more, we'll have you up and online in just a couple of hours.
You will learn to save money as you learn to earn.
People from Michigan to California are using free and personal over the phone and "in person" lessons.
We'll walk you through all of the steps to create a solid and secure JOOMLA.
You should never have to spend more than $100 (hosting fees) a year for your website!
At less than $100 a year you can easily become profitable as you work from home.
We teach you the easiest way to get your website up and running using HostMonster, these are the two easiest to use, least expensive hosting packages and best customer service we have found in any industry.
If you are concerned about learning JOOMLA, one of the hottest new products for WordPress is the new Socrates pluginthat helps you make money just by running their plugin on your WordPress Website.
We have tested WordPress and Socrates but you found this site because Joomla is super effective at Search Engine Optimization and we built our biggest sites using Joomla.
Please visit Faded Footsteps (hosted at HostMonster) to see what a JOOMLA website can become.
Visit Images of Michigan for an education on Michigan History with this JOOMLA based website.
Our goal is to show real, low cost, high income possibilities to people in Michigan by teaching how inexpensive and easy it is to build a powerful "Open Source" JOOMLA website.
We can also teach you how to use free tools like CraigsList and blogs to sell other peoples products! You never have to talk to the customer as the order is placed via your special links directly to Walmart, Amazon and other online retailers. No packaging, no shipping, no returns and no handling of money (until it is deposited directly into your bank account).
We'll show you how to expand your JOOMLA or WordPress websites into CraigsList and blogs to create a great six figure income.
There is no need to spend $350 to buy Dreamweaver and hundreds more to take classes to build your website.
If you have lost your job or fear losing your job - right now is the time to get started in protecting yourself for the future.
Controlling your destiny by building a website before you receive that dreaded call into the office, will give you comfort in knowing you will be OK if downsized.
We make money by helping you "free of charge" - it's a nice way to do business and people are using our processes to make 6 figure incomes!
The BlueHost and HostMonster recommendations save you money in your hosting as we have researched pricing, customer service quality and usability to find that these two companies are the best!
This Michigan Web Designer website is costing me less than $15 dollars a year and it is because I have several sites hosted in one package at HostMonster costing me less than $60 a year.
I get one free domain name and for the others I pay around $10 to own and I built around 20 personal websites with each hosting package giving me an effective cost of less than $15 a year for each website I build.
Joomla makes it easy to build and administer, while currently at less than $6 a month, BlueHost and HostMonster makes it inexpensive and easy to get up and running in just a few clicks of your mouse.
Read the article about High School Millionaires to understand our motivation and dream to get our Michigan economy going again.
Visit our sister website to learn more about being a success as an entrepreneur.
The classes are offered at no charge. This is how motivated we are to help people get a business online and make an income outside of their jobs.
We already have a new page devoted to teaching you how to use the BlueHost and HostMonster hosting packages to have your website up and running in 10 minutes!
Click on the links below to review the pricing and offerings for web hosting.
We like and use BlueHost and HostMonster exclusively.
These hosting packages offer the best customer service I have ever bumped into in any industry.
They also offer a free domain with your package and this will save you $10 to $15 dollars.
The best teaching resource for beginners is "The Essential Guide to Joomla CD-Rom" in the Amazon links on this page.
It costs just under $50 and is better than the $500 classes I took in Chicago. Buy this CD-Rom before you buy any books or take any classes.
After you learn the basics, the more technical books will then be understandable and become the resource they are intended to be.
Call anytime at 616-634-3296 if you have any other questions.