Below are some links to Michigan Web Designer Websites.

These sites are all JOOMLA based and will show you a little about what you can do to promote your Michigan Business or earn and online income.

These sites are all informational, Michigan based and JOOMLA version 3 built.

Joomla's newest "Version 3" is built to shape itself to fit hand held devices as well as regular computers.

You can test this by adjusting the size of this website on you PC or Mac screen to see how it auto-sizes to fit the screen size.

They pay for themselves and have excellent rankings and you can build websites like these too.

While looking at the above websites, consider that you, by building a website will be creating a greener business.

A business where people will be able to reach you from their Living Rooms, from their work places, from their phones wherever they are.

Consider that gas is hovering in the $4 a gallon area and driving to your store is becoming an obsolete thought in the minds of your potential clients and customers.

The latest generation does not even buy cars as they live in urban areas and save the environment by riding their bikes or use mass transit to get around.

Read the article at the website called "Michigan Mainstreet Fairness Act".

Understand through this article, that old ways die and people change their habits and the way they do things based on the prevailing technologies as they come along.

Hand-Held devices are now the way people communicate and shop.

My own children shop using their hand held devices like I-phones and Pad devices.

In 2012 fully 40% of all sales on the internet were placed on a hand-held device,.

In 2013 that number is expected to move to 65% of all sales and if you do not have a website, let alone a hand-held capable website, your business will suffer.

Read the articles at as well as the articles on this website and learn how to move on to capture the market you are currently missing out on.